QuickFIX/n implements the FIX protocol on .NET.

QuickFIX/n is 100% free and open source with a liberal license.

Comparisons to QuickFIX

QuickFIX/n is a .NET port of QuickFIX, an open source C++ FIX engine.

We love QuickFIX. We have been contributors nearly since its conception and use it heavily in our products and consulting.

The goal of QuickFIX/n is to create an open source FIX engine that feels native to C#. The (C++) QuickFIX project maintains a C# wrapper which has been used successfully in .NET for many years, but it results in code that is not idiomatic of .NET development. QuickFIX/n attempts to keep the same robustness and conformance of QuickFIX with a similar API while bringing native performance and idiomatic usage to .NET.

For Java development, please visit the excellent QuickFIX/J.

QuickFIX/n uses the QuickFIX name with the full backing and support of QuickFIX and its creator Oren Miller.

Commercial Backing

Work on QuickFIX/n is sponsored by Connamara.


In addition to launching and supporting the QuickFIX/n initiative, Connamara has been involved with the QuickFIX project since its inception. Today, Connamara is an active maintainer of QuickFIX and a contributor to the QuickFIX/J project. Connamara also offers a commercial version of QuickFIX/J that exhibits dramatically lower latencies and variance.

About the Name…

This project’s correct and proper name is “QuickFIX/n”.

It is true that the “n” was inspired by “.NET”, but the word “net” is NOT part of the name and should never be written as such.